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Memorial Monuments is a full service monument company that offers a wide range of products and services. We produce quality granite, marble and bronze memorials. Monuments may be designed with Granite Monument from Memorial Monumentsstandard shapes and sizes or can be completely customized. We work with the finest granite quarries from all over the world, giving us the ability to offer custom shapes, sizes and the full spectrum of colors. Monuments are sandblasted and etched at our local production facility, which we proudly invite you to visit. We have a team of skilled professionals that offer in-field sandblasting work such as adding names, dates, epitaphs and additional emblems.  We are also skilled at producing sandblasted or etched signage for residences, businesses and organizations. Signage may be done either at our production plant and delivered or produced on site.

About Us

Granite Monument from Memorial MonumentsWe provide single grass-level markers, companion grass-level markers, single bevel markers, companion bevel markers, single slant monuments, companion slant monuments, single upright monuments and companion upright monuments, memorial benches and cremation benches, all of which may be customized with emblems, etchings, porcelain photos and epitaphs. We provide emblems and designs that depict your loved ones hobbies, civic and/or  fraternal activities and religious beliefs including, but naturally not limited to, Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhists, Baha’i and Muslim faith designs and images.

We have a full range of granite colors available such as Georgia Gray, Dakota Mahogany, Canadian Mahogany, Indian Mahogany, China Black, African Black, American Black, India Black, India Red, Missouri Red, Mountain Red, Autumn Rose, Morning Rose, Desert Rose, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Royal Emerald, and many more. We offer bronze vases, granite vases, marble vases, marble statuary, bronze statuary, granite statuary, porcelain photos, hand etched inserts and much more.

Memorial Monuments is a proud member of the Monument Builders of the Southwest organization.
Memorial Monuments is a proud member of the Monument Builders of the Southwest organization. Memorial Monuments is a memeber of the Texas Cemteries Association
Memorial Monuments, Inc. BBB Business Review

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Memorial Monuments offers cemetery headstones, monuments, tombstones, memorials, bronze cemetery grave markers, granite cemetery grave markers,
bronze vases, granite vases, serving Fort Worth, Arlington and all of Tarrant County, Texas. Call 1-800-235-4573